Amuser is a website-based platform that offers users a reenvisioned virtual concert experience. In this group project, we focused on bringing liveliness and engagement to users during their experience.

Made with Hyewon Chung and Jenny Kim.

Visual Design System & Hi-Fidelity Prototype

Landing Page

Ticketing Page

Concert Experience

Post-Concert Gallery

MORE OF our process documentation

Personas, journey map, scenarios, & requirements

Task flows, system map, & wireframes

Our user research material: script, consent form,
coded transcripts, & questionnaire results

Our insights on user testing data & some prototype revisions


A project focused on researching, collecting, and educating about gaming interfaces.

The Gaming Interfaces Repository is an interactive and immersive website that hosts examples of the four main classes of interfaces (diegetic, non-diegetic, meta, spatial) used in game design, with each example tagged with interface and game filters. 

With two contrasting visual galleries, an index, and a personal collection, the website allows the user to learn about these distinct interfaces in game design from multiple approaches.

Through this interactive and immersive design, the Gaming Interfaces Repository aims to raise awareness of the significance of interface design in gaming and serve as a valuable resource for both designers and gamers.

Home Screen / All View

  • overlapping draggable interface gifs
  • skewed tags (green = interface classification, blue = game classification) to create a sense of dimension
  • when filtered, gifs blur into background to supplement dimensionality
  • each interface gif has a detailed view with detailed descriptions

Navigation Menu / Transition

  • four pages (all, grid, index, collection) have a corresponding crescent circle fill
  • representing parts of a whole, similar to how the website has different methods of viewing these interfaces but are ultimately working together

Grid View

  • horizontal scroll adds a sense of depth beyond the screen
  • hovering over interface gif, text of game name & interface displayed pops up
  • filtering out items inactivates them in the grid
  • detailed view has the gif in background and scrollable text in foreground, layering text on environment


  • includes definitions for filters used in the other viewing methods
  • highlighted words in descriptions are other defined terms, clicking on the highlighted term hyperlinks to its corresponding definition
  • index serves as a way for user to read about the defining points of each tag filter and how they are associated

Personal Collection

  • users are able to bookmark interfaces which are then added to their personal collection
  • interactions are similar to the all view, but with resizeable gifs in addition to draggability
  • detailed view includes a condensed version of the grid view’s details, with a “read more” section if the user wants to see more


I wanted to challenge myself and code a game from scratch. I came into this project with no previous knowledge of Java, and a little bit of experience working with JavaScript in p5.js. Needless to say, I learned a lot.

Currently only have uploaded a short video of my game. I’m looking to upload my game to this website somehow, after figuring out how to implement a Java-based game onto the web.

Catch the Chickens is a simple point and click game made in Processing (Java). To incentivize players to challenge themselves, I added three stages, each with increasing difficulty. I implemented a timer as a way for players to track their speed and potentially play for a better time. Adding the graphics and sound effects was a turning point, where this game came to life, adding a bit of charm to all the pixel chickens running around.

A summary of things I learned in my journey of coding Catch the Chickens! .. as a coding noob!

  • Being neat with the code is the way to go. I regretted being messy with it.. especially at the very end.
  • It’s normal to get frustrated. Just don’t take it out on your computer... that’s a lot of $$$
  • Google has all the answers. Every time I was stuck, some guy had on the internet the same problem and I was able to reference their solution and apply it to my problem.
  • It’s SUCH A RELIEF to see your finished work!!


A rebranding for 8Hexa Financial done at my internship at DeFiner Labs. After the client chose the branding direction to be for Gimet, I worked in a team of 3 other UI & graphic designers to complete the rebranding of 8Hexa to Gimlet and designed a new website for Gimlet.

Live website can be found here.

Website Before

Website After


As someone who enjoys playing video games, I wanted to delve into some of the things that make people label themselves as a “gamer” and the constant changing identity of people behind that label. In this 100 page book, I wanted to capture some of the past, present, and future aspirations of the gaming industry.

Through the process of researching, compiling, and designing, I learned a lot about layouts, typography, and the printing process.