I wanted to challenge myself and code a game from scratch. I came into this project with no previous knowledge of Java, and a little bit of experience working with JavaScript in p5.js. Needless to say, I learned a lot.

Currently only have uploaded a short video of my game. I’m looking to upload my game to this website somehow, after figuring out how to implement a Java-based game onto the web.

Catch the Chickens is a simple point and click game made in Processing (Java). To incentivize players to challenge themselves, I added three stages, each with increasing difficulty. I implemented a timer as a way for players to track their speed and potentially play for a better time. Adding the graphics and sound effects was a turning point, where this game came to life, adding a bit of charm to all the pixel chickens running around.

A summary of things I learned in my journey of coding Catch the Chickens! .. as a coding noob!

  • Being neat with the code is the way to go. I regretted being messy with it.. especially at the very end.
  • It’s normal to get frustrated. Just don’t take it out on your computer... that’s a lot of $$$
  • Google has all the answers. Every time I was stuck, some guy had on the internet the same problem and I was able to reference their solution and apply it to my problem.
  • It’s SUCH A RELIEF to see your finished work!!